Free Resources

Resources to Download and Print

You can print any of our manuals locally, once you have one complete printed copy of All Aboard Phonics.

Phase 2 Manual
Phase 3 Manual 
Phase 4 Manual
Phase 5 Unit 1 Manual
Phase 5 Unit 2 Manual
Phase 5 Units 3 & 4 Manual
AAP+ Intervention Manual

Smart Board Resources

We are also creating Smart Board resources for you to use. The prototype of the first one is ready for testing! Please tell us what is good, bad or ugly with it, so that we can adjust it for the production version:

Letter Manipulator Smart Board App Prototype

The password is dmed123

You will find that when you click on a letter, the possible pictophones that it can relate to appear in the right panel. Drag letters and pictophones onto the workspace, with the help of the children! They can tell you what pictophone should be above each letter. In Phase 5, that starts to vary substantially for some letters!

If there is any resource that you would love to have, please do send us a message with a description of it. We can then add your idea to the development plan.