The All Aboard Mobile App

We have a mobile app called All Aboard which is due for release in the coming weeks.

It is purely a mobile app and so you will need to download it from the app store on your mobile devices.

Successful Home Reading Practice

The app can be used in the classroom, but crucially it is designed to help make the parent-child daily reading practice go more smoothly at home too. It scaffolds that experience so that stress levels are kept low. That way the reading practice can happen routinely because it is fun for the parent and child.

The All Aboard app aligns with the curriculum of All Aboard Phonics and will deliver a daily reading session that complements the classroom work each child has already done.

It is quick and easy to invite a parent onto a school team as a collaborator for just their child, without access to any other child’s account on the class team. The parent can then do daily lessons with their child and all the data from that will be viewable on your premium data dashboard for the app.