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Free Online Progress Tracking

When you create a school account on our learner management system, you can track the progress of all your children in your account. No more bits of paper to store or results to collate! Just review a class on your dashboard.

Our assessment manual is compatible with any phonics programme based on the Letters and Sounds curriculum. So you do not need to be using All Aboard Phonics to use our online tracking facilities.

Free Home Reading App

Our app will complement the work you are doing in the classroom. It will give the children useful practice, whatever phonics programme you are using.

Because the reading practice is game-based, it is also much more likely to happen in those homes where reading routines are weak.

We can automatically connect each parent to their child’s account on the system. So this is a no-hassle option for you.

Free Downloads

You can download any All Aboard Phonics lesson manual for free. They include the resources needed for each lesson. Just email us at to request access to a full set of high resolution manuals. 

You can also flip through a lo-res version of our Phase 2 manual here

Printed Resources

We have a set of high quality printed resources we can supply to you, rather than printing them yourself. This includes some great posters that will enhance the classroom substantially. 

Click the link below to see our resources order form.

Decodable Books on our App

Your children can access all our decodable books through our home reading app. The subscription is £150 per class.

Printed Decodable Books

We also offer a high quality set of decodable books, with one book per week of the curriculum.

Click the link below to see our book set order form.

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