We do not want budget constraints to prevent schools switching to All Aboard Phonics. So the core materials for delivering the All Aboard Phonics lessons are free to download, once you have just paid for just one printed copy of the lesson materials at our reduced price of £175 for an evaluation copy. 

Free Teaching Resources

Once you have one printed copy of All Aboard Phonics (see Get Started) this is what you can access for free:

  • Free downloads of all our All Aboard Phonics manuals
  • Free downloads of our other printable resources like flashcards
  • Free access to our online training system

Paid-For Teaching Resources

  • We offer printed and bound versions of all our teaching tools – lesson plan manuals, flashcards, posters, etc. Check our order form for costs.

Decodable Books

  • Our decodable book set accompanies the phonics progression and can be used in class or sent home in book bags. Order form is coming soon.
  • Here are a few samples of decodable books across Reception and Year 1 (K to 2nd Grade) to give you a sense of our style.
  • And here are some book charts to show you the current titles for Reception and for Year 1. More are been added each month.
  • Check our Order Form for book bundle costs, and to place your pre-orders for delivery in early January.