Decodable Book Libraries

UK Library

Our UK book library complements the weekly lesson plans in the All Aboard Phonics SSP for UK schools. The book for each week only uses grapheme to phoneme correspondences that you have already introduced. You can see the Reception book chart here and the Year 1 book chart here.

You get a book to use with each week of the programme included in your printed resources pack. The parents of your children can also access those books in our All Aboard home reading app. 

UK Decodable Book PDF Samples

USA Library

The All Aboard Phonics USA library contains 32 books for Kindergarteners that are fully decodable, as you reach each step in your phonics progression. They only use the letters and sounds you have already introduced.

As you look through the book samples below, you will see that they are not like the decodable books you already have, which contain multiple exception words with phonetic patterns not yet taught. 

The key benefit is that this avoids bad habits forming, like guessing. Instead, their confidence, accuracy and enthusiasm will grow in line with their decoding experience.

To view a selection of PDFs, click below. To place an order, visit our US Pricing page. 

USA Book Overview and Samples

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