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Welcome to your Facilitator Training Zone!

We have 7 very short sessions for you to go through which correspond to different sections of the course. Each session consists of a few 60-second videos to watch, with a simple quiz to check your understanding.

Session 1

To be completed by Lesson 2 at codeword SPLISH, covering:

  • The training plan – short and sweet!
  • How we work together as a team
  • How trainertext visual phonics works

Session 2

To be completed by Lesson 5 at codeword FUNKY, covering:

  • How the codeword prizes work
  • How to send and receive messages from your reading specialist
  • How to use the Easyread games
  • The phases of progress in Easyread

Session 3

To be completed by Lesson 11 at codeword JEEP, covering:

  • Golden Rule #1 of Easyread: a lesson routine
  • Golden Rule #2 of Easyread: praising and helping your learner
  • Golden Rule #3 of Easyread: decoding practice

Session 4

To be completed by Lesson 15 at codeword BRONZE, covering:

  • When you will see improvements
  • How the library zone works

Session 5

To be completed by Lesson 26 at codeword STRAW, covering:

  • Golden Rule #4: rereading for fluency
  • Golden Rule #5: don’t over-rely on the visual phonics
  • Golden Rule #6: fix any eye tracking issues

Session 6

To be completed by Lesson 43 at codeword STICKS, covering:

  • Tracking progress and data in the Admin Zone
  • How spelling improves

Session 7

To be completed by Lesson 63 at codeword GRASS, covering:

  • How to reread on the top shelf in the library (chapter book mode)

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