Meet the Team

Meet the Team Alexie Laggui Graphics Lead, Art Team Alice Meeson Curriculum Developer, Curriculum Team Eleanor Broome Graphics and Publishing Lead, Curriculum Team David Morgan Founder and CEO George Lambert Lead Software Developer, LMS Technical Team Katie Selwood Lead Curriculum Developer and Schools Director, Curriculum Team Lucy Keeling Curriculum and Marketing Developer, Curriculum Team Marciano … Read more

US Pricing

US Pricing Decodable Books Our decodable book set for kindergarten classes follows a standard phonic progression. You can see our phonics progression here, along with the book titles for each step. See a sampling of the book titles below. Order by Credit Card The list price on our decodable books is $7.50 per book, but … Read more

Decodable Books

Decodable Book Libraries UK Library Our UK book library complements the weekly lesson plans in the All Aboard Phonics SSP for UK schools. The book for each week only uses grapheme to phoneme correspondences that you have already introduced. You can see the Reception book chart here and the Year 1 book chart here. You … Read more


All Aboard Phonics Training Our training will help deliver consistent results across your whole team. Click to navigate to: – INSET Webinars – Online Training Suite – Regional In Person Training Days – Meet Your Lead Trainers – Training Testimonials INSET Webinars Would you like some specialist training on phonics and literacy interventions as part of your … Read more

All Aboard Phonics SSP

The All Aboard Phonics SSP All Aboard Phonics is a DfE-validated set of systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) resources, designed to make teaching phonics easier, more fun and consistently successful: Letters and Sounds based curriculum Unique intervention processes to boost class results New technology to make life easier All our resources are research-based to maximise the … Read more


UK Pricing Free Online Progress Tracking When you create a school account on our learner management system, you can track the progress of all your children in your account. No more bits of paper to store or results to collate! Just review a class on your dashboard. Our assessment manual is compatible with any phonics … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions About All Aboard Phonics What is All Aboard Phonics? All Aboard Phonics is a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme for the early development of reading skills. It is designed to enable children to start learning phonic knowledge and skills early in Reception, with a systematic introduction of the phonemes used in English. … Read more

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