All Aboard Phonics Training Our training will help unlock every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom for every child. Whether you are an NQT or an experienced teacher or a teaching assistant, we believe that we can bring something new and useful to every member of staff. We provide a range of options … Read more


Teacher Reviews We are loving the scheme and resources so far. We are a rather unique setting in that being a hospital school we are never really sure what children we will have and when. However, it has already been invaluable to just pick up and teach once we receive info from the school regarding … Read more

All Aboard Phonics SSP

Free Lesson Plans and Resources The lesson plan for each day is laid out in an easy, consistent way and the resources needed for each lesson are included in the manual too, directly alongside the lesson plan. The curriculum is based on the proven Letters and Sounds design by the UK government, but is updated … Read more

The All Aboard Mobile App

The All Aboard Mobile App We have a mobile app called All Aboard which is due for release in the coming weeks. It is purely a mobile app and so you will need to download it from the app store on your mobile devices. Successful Home Reading Practice The app can be used in the … Read more


Pricing We do not want budget constraints to prevent schools switching to All Aboard Phonics. So the core materials for delivering the All Aboard Phonics lessons are free to download, once you have just paid for just one printed copy of the lesson materials at our reduced price of £175 for an evaluation copy.  Free … Read more


Frequently Asked Questions about All Aboard Phonics: What is All Aboard Phonics? All Aboard Phonics is a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme for Reception and Year 1 in UK schools. It has a similar structure to the Letters and Sounds curriculum, so any teacher familiar with that will find it easy to implement. It is … Read more