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All Aboard Phonics Training Our training will help unlock every teacher’s potential to achieve greater success in the classroom for every child. Whether you are an NQT or an experienced teacher or a teaching assistant, we believe that we can bring something new and useful to every member of staff. We provide a range of options … Read more


Teacher Reviews We are loving the scheme and resources so far. We are a rather unique setting in that being a hospital school we are never really sure what children we will have and when. However, it has already been invaluable to just pick up and teach once we receive info from the school regarding … Read more

Validation Panel Resources

Validation Panel Resources Please note that some of the following are low-res versions. Teaching Overview All Aboard Phonics Phase OverviewAll Aboard Phonics Assessment OverviewOnline Delivery GuidanceReception (Phases 2-4) Book ChartYear 1 (Phase 5) Book Chart Manuals Phase 2 ManualPhase 3 Manual Phase 4 ManualPhase 5 Unit 1 ManualPhase 5 Unit 2 ManualPhase 5 Units 3 & … Read more