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Terms and Conditions 18 May 2022 Welcome to www.allaboardlearning.com (the “Website”). This Website (and its linked assets the All Aboard mobile app and the sister website helpingchildrentoread.com) is owned and operated by All Aboard Learning Ltd. If you have any questions relating to this Website and our other assets, you can email us at support@allaboardlearning.com. … Read more

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US Pricing Decodable Books Our decodable book set for kindergarten classes follows a standard phonic progression. You can see our phonics progression here, along with the book titles for each step. See a sampling of the book titles below. Order by Credit Card The list price on our decodable books is $7.50 per book, but … Read more

How to Spot Webinar PDFs

How to Spot Webinar PDFs Here is a form to put your details into so that you get the PDFs from our talk. The PDFs of the slides should arrive straight away.  We are just doing some revisions to our book The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty and our intervention manual All Aboard Phonics … Read more


All Aboard Phonics Special Offer I am sorry. This special offer is now expired.

Chief Technical Officer

Technical Director at All Aboard Phonics The Job Our vision at All Aboard Learning is to make the key learning journeys of primary school children easier, more fun and more successful, particularly for those children who have historically struggled. If you join us, you will be engaged in building substantial tech systems, designed to last … Read more


Login Link Please click the button below for our online resources. If you do not yet have a school account, please contact us to organise that for you. All Aboard Phonics Online Login

Easyread Free Trial Page

Setting up an Easyread Free Trial We are delighted that you are interested in setting up a free trial. We are excited every time a new child starts. But please read the two notes below first: Note 1) Please wait to set up your free trial until you are definitely ready to embark on the Easyread … Read more

Easyread Upgrade Page

Upgrading to a monthly subscription We are delighted that the Easyread lessons have been going well. Many congratulations! Here are the links to set up your monthly subscription: Australia Canada European Union Countries New Zealand South Africa United Kingdom United States of America Elsewhere


See your child start to read words accurately instead of guessing them, in just 15 minutes per day – David Morgan, Founder of All Aboard Learning Lots of bright children get stuck guessing words instead of reading them. We guarantee you will see clear improvement for your child in just 15 minutes per day of … Read more

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