The All Aboard team have been working in literacy research since 2008.

Most of our research has been with struggling readers, through intervention work using our Easyread System. By developing an understanding of the cause of difficulty for each child and testing different solutions, we have developed a unique approach of the learn-to-read journey using phonics.

That research process has involved helping over 15,000 struggling readers reach reading confidence. The success rate has risen slowly to over 99%. Have a look through the sort of testimonials we receive on Facebook from the teachers and parents of those children.

All of that acquired knowledge has now gone into All Aboard Phonics and All Aboard Phonics Plus (our intervention process integrated into All Aboard Phonics). We have combined the research with individual children and the knowledge and experience of classroom teachers, to create a practical solution in a normal class setting.

So All Aboard Phonics will be very familiar in many ways, but will bring some unique benefits to how you help each child in your school.

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